Dress slips down

By , February 23rd, 2017 | Britney Spears Sexy Dress, Britney Spears Underwear | 0 Comments

Quite a nice photo with Britney smoking first of all, she’s got her hair up, which is unusual. Also she’s not wearing a bra and the elastic on her dress is coming loose. The skirt seems to be falling over her hips exposing her tattoo and the cute blue thong underwear. Nice pic!

Britney Spears blue thong

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Britney Spears Gallery from Outrageous Shoot

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Here’s quite a rare set of Britney Spears images from a shoot of her song Outrageous. She looks pretty hot in short pants and stocking!


britneys-spears-set-10 britneys-spears-set-09 britneys-spears-set-08 britneys-spears-set-07 britneys-spears-set-06 britneys-spears-set-05 britneys-spears-set-04 britneys-spears-set-03 britneys-spears-set-02 britneys-spears-set-01

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Britney Spears young upskirt

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This is a very young looking Britney Spears dressed as a schoolgirl. It’s a really old pic but we thought we would add it because it has a rather charming upskirt view of her black panties  that we missed the first time around.

Young Britney Spears upskirt




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Britney Spears flashes pussy

By , February 8th, 2017 | Britney Spears Legs, Britney Spears Sexy Dress, Britney Spears shaved pussy | 0 Comments

Here we go again as Britney steps out of the limo, with one leg forward giving us a another peek at her shaved pussy. It’s s stunning purple dress that really shows of her lovely legs and great body. The gold, stilletto heels are the icing in the cake – she looks beautiful!


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Britney Spears topless pics

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Britney Spears Topless

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Finally finally FINALLY! Britney Spears got some topless pictures out! We’ve seen the bikini shots, the buttcrack showing, nipslips and pussy hangouts, but it’s for sure the first time we’ve seen her tits exposed this way. Great rack Britney… thanks for sharing with us.

These series of pics were derived from an older videoshoot, that was never used (i wonder why, maybe because she is…euhm…topless?). Her nipples are a bit plastered with some tape and decals but it’s good enough to get a nice view and her stiff nipples are everywhere.

Enjoy the full photoshoot and more Britney Spears HERE

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Britney Spears Bottomless

By , January 29th, 2017 | Britney Spears Bottomless, Britney Spears Paparazzi Pictures, Britney Spears Sexy Dress | 0 Comments

Britney Spears Bottomless

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It just keeps on raining shots where Britney Spears steps out of a car without underwear. First she had on some white panties, then she had some red panties and then she stopped wearing panties at all! Don’t you wish she made that decision right away? Luckily she still shaves her pussy, which is a real necessity when you leave the house without underwear.

Britney flashes her pussy

That brings us to another subject : does she shave, use a razor or did she get her pubes permanently removed? I’m guessing the latter, because Britney always has a perfectly shaved pussy and i don’t believe she trims her snatch every day. Check out some more shots, to be sure of what you’re thinking.

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