Sexy Britney Spears pictures from her Circus tour

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Britney Spears bottomless Circus Tour

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Did you go see Brit at her Circus-spectacle? Me neither, don’t worry, but we do have all the pictures of her in those gazillion outfits she wears during the acts. All sexy and some almost naked and i bet if you look very good there’s one or two that will reveal her nipple or maybe shows she’s going commando underneath!

I don’t care if she playbacks or not : as long as she keeps that ass tight and as long as she keeps jiggling those jugs it’s all right for me. Keep shaving Britney! (the bottom, not the hair)

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Britney Spears shows her great looking legs

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Britney Spears upper leg caption

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Check out this picture of Britney! Pointing her lips and showing off her great legs. Doesn’t this shot just make you want to get your cock out and put it in her mouth, befoer you slap it on her legs and put it between them. She’s just such a whore, isn’t she?

It looks like she’s inviting you in her car, ready to stroke your dick, while you pet her nice looking tanned legs. She seems to say “Don’t you like the touch of leather? I love the leather on my naked ass“. This shot makes me wanna do her in the back of a limo. You got some horny legs, Britney and i bet you’re bottomless.

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Britney Spears topless pics

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Britney Spears Topless

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Finally finally FINALLY! Britney Spears got some topless pictures out! We’ve seen the bikini shots, the buttcrack showing, nipslips and pussy hangouts, but it’s for sure the first time we’ve seen her tits exposed this way. Great rack Britney… thanks for sharing with us.

These series of pics were derived from an older videoshoot, that was never used (i wonder why, maybe because she is…euhm…topless?). Her nipples are a bit plastered with some tape and decals but it’s good enough to get a nice view and her stiff nipples are everywhere.

Enjoy the full photoshoot and more Britney Spears HERE

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Britney Spears Bottomless

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Britney Spears Bottomless

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It just keeps on raining shots where Britney Spears steps out of a car without underwear. First she had on some white panties, then she had some red panties and then she stopped wearing panties at all! Don’t you wish she made that decision right away? Luckily she still shaves her pussy, which is a real necessity when you leave the house without underwear.

Britney flashes her pussy

That brings us to another subject : does she shave, use a razor or did she get her pubes permanently removed? I’m guessing the latter, because Britney always has a perfectly shaved pussy and i don’t believe she trims her snatch every day. Check out some more shots, to be sure of what you’re thinking.

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Britney Spears pussy slip

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Britney Spears bottomless

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Famous singer and notorious white trash brat Britney Spears lets her pussy slip more then an average joe drinks a six pack of beer. That brat is just an obnoxious pussy flasher and i bet she gets a real kick out of it.

The pic above is taken when she gets out of a car, off course, and she isn’t wearing any underwear. Someone please help this poor child and tell her that she can wear panties outside of the house aswell! We’ve seen paparazzi bikini shots of this woman, so we know she has more then a couple bikinis. Oh, and tell her she can wear a bra too.

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Britney Spears bottomless showing her shaved pussy

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Britney Spears bottomless with shaved pussy

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Another story in the Paris and Britney saga and this time she did NOT put on underwear. That way we can enjoy Britney’s lovely shaved pussy, while she steps out of a car, not aware of the photographers shooting pics up her legs.

Clearly Britney Spears keeps her pussy shaved and/or waxed, ready for the picture any given moment. We love a clean girl and especially a shaved clean girl, like Britney Spears. We all saw Paris Hilton’s movie and we could see that Paris also is a fan of the shaved pussy.

Big up for you girls! Keep up the shaving and we’ll keep watching your pussies.

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